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At Gramercy Specialty Clinic, our staff is dedicated to ensuring that all clients have access to professional counseling services, proven treatment methods and comprehensive service planning. We have a strong commitment to delivering state of the art care, and understand the importance of providing compassionate, efficacious services in the setting that best fits our clients' needs.  As a result, our professional therapists provide in-office appointments, as well as community-based counseling services in diverse settings which can include our client's schools, daycare locations and other approved sites. In-home services can also be provided to clients who have outstanding needs that prevent them from coming into our offices for services. We also offer telehealth sessions, so our clients can meet with their therapists via a confidential video chat on any computer, smart phone or tablet. Our telehealth option is convenient for our clients who live in remote areas, those who are traveling out of town for vacation or work purposes, those with transportation limitations, or when they have busy weeks and are unable to come in person. Counseling services are available to children, teenagers and adults and can be rendered in English and in Spanish.

Our therapists focus on the comprehensive interpersonal aspects of wellness and are trained to provide individual, couples and family counseling services. Our clients come to us with a variety of concerns, which include depression, anxiety, stress, significant life changes, substance abuse, eating disorders, grief and loss, relationship/marital conflict, family difficulties, divorce, adoption, sexual identify concerns, personal growth opportunities, life coaching strategies and  more.  

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Gramercy Specialty Clinic’s global mission is to improve access and quality of mental healthcare for the diverse communities it serves by removing barriers that clients often encounter when attempting to engage services.  We proactively work against factors that lead to decreased resource engagement and utilization disparities in the behavioral healthcare space. We work to bridge service gaps by providing evidence based, multiculturally sensitive, and linguistically competent services to the various communities that we serve.  At Gramercy Specialty Clinic, we strive to build a “culture of community” in which clients of all ages and backgrounds are provided with compassionate, accessible, affordable, and high quality counseling services so that they may strengthen their ability to overcome challenges and improve the condition of their lives. 



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Special programs

** Please note that all services are available in English & Spanish **

In addition to serving the greater Austin community, our providers also work with community-based entities (such as non-profit organizations, immigration services & legal entities) to provide tailored care services to special populations. Gramercy Specialty Clinic maintains a commitment to social justice initiatives and as a result, tailors services to diverse populations who often experience barriers to treatment. Our clinic works to remove these barriers, and offers services in a way that will best suit the varying degrees of need that people present with . For more information about our special programs, please contact us at 

In addition to offering individual, couples and family counseling services to the general public, our clinics also offers treatment for co-occuring disorders . Individuals who have mental health disorders as well as substance use disorders are often diagnosed as having "co-occuring disorders". Our specialized counseling services for co-occuring disorders bridges the gap between mental health and substance abuse healthcare needs. Through our integrated treatment model, our professional therapists are able to treat our clients' mental health and substance use disorders at the same time. This treatment modality is delivered in individual counseling and group counseling contexts, and it offers our clients the opportunity to receive individualized care in a manner that yields best outcomes.  This holistic approach is aimed at addressing emotional, mental and interpersonal aspects of a client's well-being. 

This treatment model is based on dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy approaches, and is appropriate for clients who have demonstrated a psychiatric need for a more intensive level of care than the standard weekly therapy appointment. The goal of this program is to restore a client's overall well-being and ability to function effectively in their home and community, while reducing negative symptoms. For more information about these services, please call us at (512)766-3627.